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Presenting Trine Opsahl, composer and player of the Celtic Harp

Trine Opsahl composes and plays music on the Celtic harp. She works as Harp Therapist at two Danish hospices playing the harp for the terminally ill and their relatives. Trine is a Certified Therapeutic Harp Practitioner (CHTP).

Trine’s latest album “Add Colours to my Sunset Sky” was released in MayAdd Colours to my Sunset Sky, front cover 2017. On this album Trine blends in vocals and monochord with the solo harp. Trine writes about the album:

“We are all travelers on this road called life and as we walk along we add colours to each other’s lives. I am deeply grateful for every colour that has been added to my own life through the meeting of so many beautiful souls I feel a deep gratitude to all the dying, who have trusted me by letting me travel alongside them for a while and allowing the spirit of my music to guide their souls’ journey. Together we searched for and found that sacred space inside and between us. A sacred space so vibrant, so soft and flowing with loving kindness.”

Listen to the album here. The album will soon be available on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes and other online services.

Trine has previously released four albums:

  • “Unbroken Dreams” (2015), with cellist Josefine Opsahl
  • “Somewhere in a Hidden Memory” (2012), solo harp album
  • “Leaving my Silent Empty House” (2008), with cellist Josefine Opsahl
  • “The Journey and the Dream (2005), solo harp album

Her previous album “Unbroken Dreams” was been nominated for a ZMR Music Award  2016 in February 2017. “Unbroken Dreams” is a harp/cello album made together with cellist Josefine Opsahl. and consists of 13 beautiful, melodic and uplifting pieces, all composed by Trine, with lively and innovative cello voices by Josefine. The music moves with references to Nordic-Celtic folk music between classical music and folk, between world and playful improvisation, resulting in a unique and contemporary expression.

In January and February 2016 “Unbroken Dreams” was #1 on ZMR’s Top 100 Airplay Chart.

This album is amazing! – Dana Wright, New Age Music Reviews

“Unbroken Dreams” is a beautiful masterpiece for the music alone. – Kathy Parsons, MainlyPianoUnbrokenCover

This is wondrous, magical, music. ’nuff said. – Bill Binkelmann, Zone Music Reporter

Josefine Opsahl studies cello at the Royal Danish Academy of Music in Copenhagen, Denmark. She is a versatile, classical cellist with a flair for folk music and avant-garde. She plays with the progressive folk band Kottos and is part of the groundbreaking sound collective We like We, who appeared at this year’s Roskilde Festival. Read more on her home page. Trine and Josefine are mother and daughter.

The album has been recorded in the Concert Hall at the Royal Academy of Music in Copenhagen and mixed and mastered by Tonmeister Franziska Wackerhagen. Listen to tracks from the album. The new album can be ordered from here.

TrineHornbaekTrine’s third album “Somewhere in a Hidden Memory” was in 2013 nominated for two ZMR awards i the categories: “Best Instrumental Album – Acoustic” and “Best Relaxation/Meditation Album”.

“This album is her third release and I only wish I had known of her sooner–I never tire of music as timeless and therapeutic as hers. Somewhere in a Hidden Memory is no longer a “hidden” CD which is great news for listeners looking for a soothing musical balm to counteract the craziness we must contend with on a day-by-day basis.” – Bill Binkelmann, Zone Music Reporter

“This is a superb album that will reward the listener with many wonders on repeated listening.” – John M Peters, The Borderland

“Somewhere in a Hidden Memory” is one of the best harp albums I’ve heard. Check it out!” – Kathy Parsons, MainlyPiano

“I love this album!” – Tajali Moonstar

Tim Boland produces beautiful nature videos and uses Trine’s music as soundtrack. He writes about the music: “Trine’s harp reminds me of the huge rolling hills of Mount Tamalpais, I can see her playing there with the music spreading like waves across the golden green hills, those hearing it unsure of where the music emanates, as the sound seems here and everywhere, somehow, all at once.”

Trine’s music has appeared in television commercials and is very suitable for synchronization with visual images and as soundtrack.

Trine regularly gives concerts and plays at different kinds of events: receptions, weddings and funerals and she often gives lectures on her work with harp therapy in hospice.

Feel free to visit Trine’s Danish web site: