Fotos: Brian Tomczyk, Niels Horskjær and Michael Opsahl


Listen to “Norwegian Summer” in this Youtube video, recorded in the Concert Hall of the Royal Academy in January 2015. Notice the end, where we sit utterly silent and wait for Tonmeister Franziska to say “Super!”.


Add Colours to my Sunset Sky, released May 2017

Trine’s latest album “Add Colours to my Sunset Sky” was released in May 2017. On this album Trine blends in vocals and monochord with the solo harp. Trine writes about the album:

“We are all travelers on this road called life and as we walk along we add colours to each other’s lives. I am deeply grateful for every colour that has been added to my own life through the meeting of so many beautiful souls I feel a deep gratitude to all the dying, who have trusted me by letting me travel alongside them for a while and allowing the spirit of my music to guide their souls’ journey. Together we searched for and found that sacred space inside and between us. A sacred space so vibrant, so soft and flowing with loving kindness.”

Add Colours to my Sunset Sky, front cover

1 Songs from a Mountain I  5:41
2 Sunshine on a Stony Path  6:48
3 Rosebed Garden  5:15
4 In a Grain of Sand  4:57
5 Eternity in a Song  6:20
6 Lightly Dance into the Morning  3:13
7 Songs from a Mountain II  3:50
8 Rose of the Eternal Spring  6:05
9 Add Colours to my Sunset Sky  3:19
10 Diving into an Ocean of Love  4:37
11 Today will be Forever  4:02
12 Leaving on a Thursday Morning  2:30
13 Graceful like a River  7:57

All music composed by Trine Opsahl


Unbroken Dreams, released August 2015

’Beautifully deep cello playing and delicious harp sounds with a Celtic silver lining’.

Trine and Josefine Opsahl’s latest album, ”Unbroken Dreams” is a string of 13 beautiful, melodic and uplifting pieces, all composed by Trine, with lively and innovative cello voices by Josefine. The music moves with references to Nordic-Celtic folk music between classical music and folk, between world and playful improvisation, resulting in a unique and contemporary expression.

“Unbroken Dreams” is nominated for a ZMR Music Award in the category “Best Relaxation / Meditation Album”.

“Trine and Josefine Opsahl have created a gentle, soothing, and introspective arrangement of songs for their beautiful new album “Unbroken Dreams”. The talents of mother and daughter blend wonderfully in composition and performance, and the warmth of Josefine’s cello with the brightness of Trine’s harp present a great combination too!” – Jim Ellis — Astreaux World Radio, USA

“You and your daughter are superb musicians. I love every composition. A true work of art. Special.” – Aaron Johnson, musician, Chicago

Listen to some of the tracks::


1 The Last Grasp of Winter  6:31
2 A Star in Heaven is Born Tonight  5:51
3 Dawn/The Light Dances my Love  6:26
4 Drifting on Silky Clouds  7:53
5 A Fairytale  4:31
6 Diving into an Ocean of Love  4:00
7 I am your Moon and your Moonlight too  3:52
8 Somewhere in a Hidden Memory  6:00
9 Castle of Unbroken Dreams  4:35
10 Sterna Paradisae  5:17
11 Rosebed Garden  4:55
12 Norwegian Summer  4:48
13 Ladybirds and Butterflies  3:37

All music is composed by Trine Opsahl and Josefine Opsahl.

Somewhere in a Hidden Memory, released January 2012

This is Trine’s latest solo album with 15 melodious and soothing tracks. This album was nominated for two ZMR awards in 2013 in the categories: “Best Instrumental Album – Acoustic” and “Best Relaxation/Meditation Album”. Please read the many wonderful reviewsof this album and listen to the sample tracks. The album was recorded, mixed and mastered by Samir Cuhtait, Nasima Music.

1 To a Wild Rose
2 A Star in Heaven is Born Tonight
3 Sister Moon
4 Morning Mist and the Breathing of Evening
5 Crossroads
6 The Light Dances my Love
7 Brother Sun
8 Ladybirds and Butterflies
9 My Way up High
10 Love Waltz
11 True Thomas
12 Ripples in Water
13 Somewhere in a Hidden Memory
14 The Space between the Fish and the Moon
15 Be my Vision and my Light

All titles composed by Trine Opsahl

LMSEH-cover-JingoJingo Music in Taiwan made this very different and beautiful artwork when the album was released there in 2013.

Leaving my Silent Empty House, 2008

This album is a mix of solo harp pieces and harp/cello duets. Trine’s daughter, cellist Josefine Opsahl, added distinct cello voices to Trine’s compositions. True Thomas is inspired by the Irish legend of Thomas the Rhymer or True Thomas and has added accordion voices. The album was produced and mixed by Henning Olsen.

The album was also released in a special edition in 2009, celebrating the anniversary of the Danish Prince Henrik.


1 – Fairies in Moonlight
2 – Under a Bright Moon
3 – The Nameless
4 – Lion’s Heart
5 – Raindrop Song
6 – After the Rain
7 – Leaving my Silent Empty House
8 – Silent Prayer
9 – Say I am You
10 – Angel’s Hymn
11 – True Thomas

All titles composed by Trine Opsahl, except track 10 composed by Rhett Barnwell All cello arrangements by Josefine Opsahl Accordion arrangement on track 11 by Josefine and Trine Opsahl.

This album has also been released in Taiwan with different artwork in January 2014.

PrinceHenrikCoverLeaving my Silent Empty House was also released in a special edition in 2009 in cooperation with Hans Just A/S as a present for HRH Price Henrik of Denmark at his 75th anniversary.

On both albums track 10 – “Angel’s Hymn” – was replaced with Trine’s own “A Star in Heaven is Born Tonight”.


The Journey and the Dream, 2005

Trine’s first album, mostly with her own compositions. Produced an mixed by Thomas Li at My Room Studio.


1 – Picking Flowers
2 – Leaving my Silent Empty House
3 – Molly McAlpin
4 – Silent Prayer
5 – Moon Shadows
6 – The Journey and the Dream
7 – Eleanor Plunkett Fantasy
8 – Lion’s Heart
9 – Winter
10 – Roslin Castle
11 – Waterdreams
12 – Spirit Dance
13 – A Fairytale
14 – Say I am You

All titles composed by Trine Opsahl, except track 3 composed by William Connellan, track 7 by Turlough O’Carolan and Trine Opsahl, and track 10 traditional. All titles arranged by Trine Opsahl, except track by Helen Davies and Trine Opsahl and track 10 by Alison Kinnaird.