Fotos: Brian Tomczyk, Niels Horskjær and Michael Opsahl


Unbroken Dreams

Keith Hannaleck, New Age Music Reviews

Unbroken Dreams is a brilliant combination of Celtic and Nordic tradition blended with contemporary inclinations. The spiraling nature of each piece was like a flower bursting open, with new discoveries every step of the way. I couldn’t stop listening and don’t plan to any time soon.

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Michael Diamond, Music and Media Focus

Unbroken Dreams is an album filled with exquisite artistry and intricate interplay.
Trine is an exceptional musician in every way, and more than deserves to be known as one. And the same goes for Josefine, who despite her young years, is highly accomplished, not only technically, but also stylistically and intuitively. The blend of the earthy and the ethereal on Unbroken Dreams makes for a beautifully uplifting and heart-warming listening experience that is nourishing to the body, mind, and spirit.

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RJ Lannan, The Sounding Board

Unbroken Dreams is their second mother and daughter collaboration. Their love, passion and respect of the relationship is quite evident. Every track has a give and take to the instrumentation that is joyous and enchanting. Their two voices are certainly one on this recording and it is glorious.

Rating: Very Good+

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Bill Binkelmann, Zone Music Reporter:

Unbroken Dreams is the follow-up recording to Leaving My Silent Empty House from Celtic harpist Trine Opsahl and her daughter Josefine, who plays cello. As on that earlier album, the two talented musicians have rare simpatico, almost as if they were one musician playing two instruments simultaneously. This innate talent, to intertwine musically with one another, yields music which is soulful, delicate, beautiful, serene, and sometimes softly dramatic. At 23 years old, Josefine’s command of her instrument is remarkable and bodes a long and praiseworthy career ahead. Trine performs with a casual elegance, so well attuned to the sonic qualities of the Celtic harp that it’s as if the two were old, dear friends. Influences can be heard from both the classical and new age genres and the mood can vary from serene and soothing to somber and introspective. What will strike most listeners is the sense of intimacy achieved throughout the album. While, at times, the music can be sparse, approaching mild minimalism, the beauty is always present, flowing through Unbroken Dreams like a golden thread winding through an exquisite tapestry.

Kathy Parsons, Mainly Piano:

The crisp, sparkling sound of the plucked harp strings is an amazingly effective pairing with the velvety-smooth bowed strings of the cello.

Unbroken Dreams is a beautiful masterpiece for the music alone. Relaxation, healing, and stress relief are bonuses for listeners. This music is perfect for so many situations, but be sure to really listen to it to hear the full yet subtle impact of the music. It is available from Amazon, iTunes and CD Baby. Very highly recommended!

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Dana Wright, New Age Music Reviews:

Trine and Josefine Opsahl are a marvelous mother and daughter duo.Unbroken Dreams is a brilliant combination of Celtic and Nordic tradition blended with contemporary inclinations. The spiraling nature of each piece was like a flower bursting open, with new discoveries every step of the way. I couldn’t stop listening and don’t plan to any time soon. There is a reason Opsahl’s work is used as soundtrack material in documentaries. It’s that good. And now with the added layer of her daughter’s cello work, I’m hooked for life. More please. This album is amazing. If you are a fan of fantasy novels or just plain good music, you seriously have to get this album.

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Somewhere in a Hidden Memory

Bill Binkelmann, Zone Music Reporter:

“This album is her third release and I only wish I had known of her sooner–I never tire of music as timeless and therapeutic as hers. Somewhere in a Hidden Memory is no longer a “hidden” CD which is great news for listeners looking for a soothing musical balm to counteract the craziness we must contend with on a day-by-day basis.”

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 John M Peters, The Borderland:

“This is a superb album that will reward the listener with many wonders on repeated listening.”

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Kathy Parsons, MainlyPiano:

“Somewhere in a Hidden Memory” er et af de bedste harpe-albums, jeg har hørt. Check det ud!

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 Tajali Moonstar:

“I love this album! I haven’t heard anything as peaceful as this since Kim Robertson’s first Celtic harp releases in the early ’80s. Trine Opsahl’s harp play is a therapy for body, mind and soul! A gentle sound bath – meditative and rejuvenating. Inspired by Therese Schroeder-Sheker who reinvented Music & the Art of Dying a practice for people who make the transition to another plane, Trine also plays in hospices in her homeland in Denmark. It is interesting that harp music is thought to be the music of the heavens and that angels play the harp! There must be something in the sound of the harp that is healing, angelic and soothing. Somewhere in a Hidden Memory is highly recommended.”

 Lee Armstrong on

“Trine Opsahl’s music is so peaceful and resonant. The Celtic harp is such a glorious instrument. Her original compositions for harp blend one into the other like floating on clouds of different sizes, shapes and textures. To give an idea of the range: the opening track “To a Wild Rose” is wistful and contemplative, while “Crossroads” is like sonic pixie dust & “Ripples in Water” embodies a bubbling brook running briskly. “Brother Sun” and “Somewhere in a Hidden Memory” are lovely melodies that grow gracefully with repeated play. For fans of harp music, this is a delightful disc. Enjoy!”

Dana Wright,

If you enjoy blissful harmonies and harp music with a celestial feel, I think you will enjoy this album as much as I did.

Antony Krakhmalnik,,

Niels Horskjær создал видео на трек Trine Opsahl Somewhere in a Hidden Memory из одноименного альбома. Прекрасное и задумчивое звучание, проникновенная игра, природные зарисовки и естественный звук — все это лишь отдельные части богатого мира Trine Opsahl. Взятое изнутри впечатление продолжает жить своей независимой жизнью снаружи. Лицо арфистки озаряет свет и улыбка, и это значит, что сами высшие силы помогают Trine во время ее игры.


Niels Horskjær created a video for the Trine Opsahl track named Somewhere in a Hidden Memory from the same album. Lovely and thoughtful melodies, nature sketches and pure sound – there are just some parts of the rich world of Trine Opsahl. Internal impressions continue living with their independent lives outside. Light and smile are on the musician face so that means that God helps Trine during her playing.